Lauren Mehok: Candidate for Dean’s Medalist Award

Lauren Mehok, a Psychology (BS) Major, has been recommended to receive the Dean’s Medalist Award. Honoring academic achievement, the Dean’s Medal was created by Robert E. Page, Jr., dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, to recognize the top graduating student in each of the degree-granting schools and departments in the college. This is the third year this highly competitive award will be earned.

Lauren Mehok has a very impressive overall GPA of 4.12.  She has worked as a research assistant for Dr. Eric Amazeen for several semesters, including multiple 499s, and she is currently developing an independent research project under his supervision. Dr. Amazeen had this to say about Lauren, “I have enjoyed getting to know Lauren for the two years that she has worked as a research assistant in the Dynamics of Perception, Action, and Cognition laboratory. Lauren’s performance ranks among the best of the research assistants that we have had in our lab. She is intelligent, goal-directed, hardworking, self-motivated, and dependable.  I recommend her for this award without reservation.”

Lauren sought Dr. Amazeen’s lab for research experience relatively early in her undergraduate career. She was motivated to start early in a laboratory so that she could demonstrate her commitment and explore a variety of tasks.  It was no surprise to Dr. Amazeen, then, that she performed very well the entire time she worked in the lab.  Dr. Amazeen said, “We initially had her do the normal tasks that are typically assigned to undergraduate research assistants, primarily data collection and analysis. The graduate students quickly saw her solid abilities and began seeking her out from among the other research assistants for help on their projects.”

It was Lauren’s original commitment to a long-term research experience that has led her in creating this opportunity to earn the Dean’s Medalist Award.  This commitment started at an early age. She recalls her father telling her as she competed in dance, gymnastics, soccer and softball that she should just do her best. Lauren said, “My best just turned out to be pretty good.” After entering college she took an AP psychology class and knew it was what she wanted. She took her “pretty good abilities” and continued taking psychology classes. The more classes she took, the more she enjoyed them and exceled in them. Her goal moving forward is to enter into what she feels is a very stable career then give back to the community.