Drop/Add for Session C ends TODAY!

Yes, today is the last day to add classes for Session C.

Can you add classes after today? Technically, yes, BUT it becomes a huge hassle to do so and it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to get into those classes after today. So get it done TODAY!

Each of ASU’s Sessions have different Drop/Add deadlines. They’re available on the Academic Calendar but here’s the quick list.

  • Session A: August 22, 2014
  • Session C: August 27, 2014
  • Session B: October 16, 2014


Call us at 480-965-7258 or email us at psych.advisor@asu.edu.

We heard you! Responses to the advising service survey

If you been to our office lately you will have seen the small paper we stapled to your DARS. It’s a reminder to fill out the advising survey that’s emailed to you. Thank you to those who filled it out! Now here’s a brief response to your responses!


Making an appointment

Did you know you can make an appointment with an advisor in the comfort of your My ASU. It is just a click away in your My ASU! It looks like this:
MyASU appointment

Notes & comments in the appointment system

Make sure to fill out the notes/comment box when making an advising appointment in order to provide your questions to your advisor in advance and to assist in preparing for you appointment. If you are unable to fill out the notes/comments box, then please email your questions/items for discussion to psych.advisor@asu.edu to get them to your advisor.

To print, or not to print…the DARS

Did you come to your advising appointment without your DARS? No worries, a DARS is now printed out for you when you check-in for your appointment. For walk-in advising, we do recommend that you bring a printed copy of your DARS in order to get you in with an advisor as quick as possible.

Our new (temporary) office

Location, location, location

In case you missed our emails, tweets and Facebook posts, this is just a friendly reminder that the Psychology Advising Office has moved to its temporary office location at the Physical Education Building West (PEBW), Suite 118. Click on this map for directions to our temporary location. We will be here for one academic year as we await our newly renovated Psychology Building, which is scheduled to open in Fall 2015!

Our advising space

We have listened to your feedback and have made the advising space more comfortable and pleasant!

Do you have more suggestions? Let us know at psych.advisor@asu.edu.

Fall 2014 Class: Evolution & Mental Disorders

Check out PSY 494: Evolution & Mental Disorders!

Click here for the class on the ASU class search.

Please see the special note at the bottom of this post

Course Description

This course offers an overview of evolutionary approaches to  mental disorders. It addresses how to frame and test hypotheses about evolutionary explanations for why brain/minds are vulnerable to certain kinds of failure. The course will review historical studies of medical Darwinism and the tragic results. These will be contrasted with attempts late in the 20th century to use principles from sociobiology to understand mental disorders. We will read crucially a selection of studies from that period. A substantial focus will be on evolutionary origins and functions of emotions and motivation, and how they can be used to help understand emotional disorders. Newer attempts to apply behavioral ecology will be the foundation for individual/group projects that will culminate in writing a proposal for research on a specific topic.


Dr. Randolph Nesse – Professor of Life Sciences

Please Note

This course is cross-listed as ASM 494 and BIO 494. That means, if you sign up for the class under those course prefixes (<–key phrase), the class would count toward the Foundations of Behavior. This is the case because classes taught by anthropology (ASB or ASM) and biological sciences (BIO) count toward the Foundations of Behavior.

Otherwise, as PSY 494, the class would count toward the Additional Psychology Courses section in your DARS (aka, the psychology electives).