Fall 2014 Class: Evolution & Mental Disorders

Check out PSY 494: Evolution & Mental Disorders!

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Course Description

This course offers an overview of evolutionary approaches to  mental disorders. It addresses how to frame and test hypotheses about evolutionary explanations for why brain/minds are vulnerable to certain kinds of failure. The course will review historical studies of medical Darwinism and the tragic results. These will be contrasted with attempts late in the 20th century to use principles from sociobiology to understand mental disorders. We will read crucially a selection of studies from that period. A substantial focus will be on evolutionary origins and functions of emotions and motivation, and how they can be used to help understand emotional disorders. Newer attempts to apply behavioral ecology will be the foundation for individual/group projects that will culminate in writing a proposal for research on a specific topic.


Dr. Randolph Nesse – Professor of Life Sciences

Please Note

This course is cross-listed as ASM 494 and BIO 494. That means, if you sign up for the class under those course prefixes (<–key phrase), the class would count toward the Foundations of Behavior. This is the case because classes taught by anthropology (ASB or ASM) and biological sciences (BIO) count toward the Foundations of Behavior.

Otherwise, as PSY 494, the class would count toward the Additional Psychology Courses section in your DARS (aka, the psychology electives).

Did you know we have internships?

Fall 2014 Internship Opportunities

It’s not too late. There is still time!!

The Department of Psychology has a variety of relationships with community organizations eager to host interns. You can work with the organization and gain valuable experience in the field as well as begin professional networking and help build your resume.

Review the Internship page on the Psychology website: https://psychology.clas.asu.edu/undergrad/interns

Basic eligibility for the Internship experience:

  • Student must be pursuing a BA or BS in Psychology from the Tempe campus
  • Student must have completed at least 45 credit hours at time of application and be at least a junior at time of internship.
  • Student must have at least a 2.75 GPA
  • Internship dates must coincide with semester calendar
  • Internships may partially fulfill the “Additional Psychology Course Requirements”
  • Internships cannot be paid
  • Internship must provide student with opportunities that are directly related to the application of principles of psychology.

Please review the website and contact Dawn Phelps if you have additional questions dphelps@asu.edu .

(Some sites may not be able to accommodate students for Fall, however, it isn’t too early to start looking for Spring internships.)

LAST MINUTE Opportunity to attend New Mexico Minority Youth Environmental Training Institute

Hey psychology students. We just got word of this opportunity today. Check it out and see what you think.
FYI, this conference starts on July 25th (yes, that’s 8 days from when we’re posting this…sorry we didn’t get it sooner!)

Dear Students, Educators, Community Leaders, and Supporters:

For those who did not see our earlier emails, the National Hispanic Environmental Council (NHEC) is accepting applications from students from across the country and Puerto Rico to attend our 13th annual, national “New Mexico Minority Youth Environmental Training Institute”, to be held July 25—Aug 3, 2014, at national forests, national parks, and other envir. sites in northern NM.  This is one of 3 such Institutes NHEC runs (others in CA and NYC) each summer as we work to build the next generation of Latino enviro leaders, professionals and scientists.  Interested students should apply promptly for this unique opportunity.

The NM Institute is an intensive, residential, science-based, 10 day long environmental education and envir. career program for top students, aged 17-20 (typically high school seniors and freshmen, sophomores, or juniors in college) competitively selected from across the U.S.  The Institute is held and students housed/fed at the Glorieta Conference Center, in Glorieta, NM, 15 miles north of Santa Fe.

Through a full scholarship, NHEC will cover ALL costs for selected students, including airfare; housing;  meals, science equipment; and more.   Utilizing an Environmental STEM curriculum students will explore a wide range of environmental/natural resource issues, as well as conduct field studies (air, soil, water testing, biological assessments, birding, and more) using professional-grade environmental science equipment, taught by NHEC’s experienced instructors.

Also participating are volunteer role models — environmental professionals, many minority, from every discipline but especially the sciences — coming to engage and inspire students to pursue an environmental or conservation career.

The major sponsors for the NM Institute are the U.S. Forest Service; the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service; and the U.S. EPA.  Students will also learn about federal internships and youth jobs with these agencies and others.  Our federal sponsors are actively recruiting top students of color to work for them in 2014 and next year too.  So if you are passionate about the environment, enjoy science, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, AND seek a job in the enviro field, this program is for you.     

The attached pdf files contain all materials for a student to apply to the Institute.   Please read the “Fact Sheet” first; it will answer many of your questions.

But to answer 2 frequently asked questions:  1. there is no deadline per se; NHEC reviews applications and selects students on a rolling basis as received, until all slots are filled.  Thus students are strongly urged to apply asap.  and 2.  as this is a federally funded program, eligibility is limited to U.S. Citizens and Permanent Legal Residents.

We also ask that you forward this email on to those you think may be interested in this exciting program, including qualified students, educators, high schools, colleges, youth/enviro organizations, and more.  We appreciate your help.

Please contact NHEC, especially our Programs Coordinator, Juan Rodriguez, at  jrodriguez@nheec1.org  or rrivera@nheec1.org  if you have further questions.  Or call NHEC at 703-683-3956.   You can also download the materials and learn more about NHEC/our Institutes thru our website at  www.nheec1.org   Thank you.

Roger Rivera
President, NHEC

Forms you’ll need